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Eric C. Thomas

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Cape Cod New Listings 

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Benefit from a Team of agents who love Cape Cod Real Estate, and who are committed to our Buyers and Sellers. We will do everything we possibly can to get your property SOLD and to find you a home when there are none on the market in a particular area.

We Save You Time:

When it's time to make your next move, you need a group of dedicated Real Estate Professionals who have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients to Make it Happen. We know our clients have Real Estate Goals and it is our job to make these goals a reality. Our aggressive Real Estate Marketing Campaigns deliver results. Our honest communications educate. Our advanced technologies bring the world to your door. Our real world experiences humble's us to serve. We take care of everything you need, from start to close. These attributes can be the difference between a home resting on the market and one that's sold fast.

We Save You Money:
Understand, when we say Money we also mean Equity. Whether Financial Equity or Sweat Equity. We know it is not our equity, it is yours. Guarding and protecting your equity is what we do and this can make the difference between having a Win-Win Deal or No Deal. A home is often the greatest source of one's income and wealth, This is not overlooked here it is embraced and practiced daily.

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"I have been working with Eric for almost a year now in my LeTip networking group. He adds a dynamic to the group like no other. Eric has such a knowledge and passion for his profession that it is impossible to not to get excited about it as well. I have referred numerous clients, family members, and friends to him and they all have been nothing less than very impressed with his insight, professionalism, and character. I give Eric 5 stars!"

  -Heather Wilson, Colleague

"I do not write recommendations often. When I do they are well deserved. I have been working with Eric for some time. Some slick sales people glide through the motions - but Eric isn’t one of those. Whenever I hear him on the phone and it’s pretty easy with that booming voice - the passion he shows for assisting clients is clear. If you are looking to sell your home he is results driven and has the technical ability to market it properly. If you are looking to buy his experience and knowledge of our market will help guide you through the process. His work on the Agent Leadership Council shows his commitment for the fellow agents in our Market Center. There is not much else to say about him other than that he is a true professional that will assist you reach your goal. "

  -Garrett Stagg, Colleague

"Eric was incredible. I live in California and couldn’t be there. Eric handled everything. We had so many problems with the HOA and had trouble closing because if it. Eric was a troubleshooter extraordinaire! He walked paperwork wherever it was needed, shepherded the process of finalizing HOA paperwork. Our president died just after we started and her son lives in Florida. What a time we all had Reconstructing all the assets and paperwork of the Assn.! Eric made it happen without making us all pull out our hair. He is calm, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend him."

  -Penny Fogel, Client

"Eric helped me buy my first home. (a short sale) From looking to sold he gave me his honest opinion with my specific needs in mind and together we found the best house for me. I highly recommend Eric Thomas to anyone from the first time buyer to a frequent flyer because he knows what hes doing, he doesn't sugar coat a situation, and I believe he wouldn't compromise his integrity for for a sale. Thank you Eric I love my house! :)"

  -Kelly , Client

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